F O'Keeffe Engineering Newmarket Cork

Gravel Mole Plough

Makes chip filled drains 3" (75mm) wide at depths adjustable from 10" (250mm) to 20" (500mm) The height of chips in the drain is adjustable from 4" (100mm) to 15" (375mm)
  • It can be operated by a 100 H.P. 4 W.D tractor
  • Working depth is controlled by a roller- disk which is adjustable from 250mm to 500mm (10" to 20")
  • The leg is 90mm (3.5") wide and the inside width of the gravel chute is 65mm (2.5") wide.
  • The height of gravel left in the drain is adjustable from 100mm to 375mm (4" to 15") by a vertically sliding door at the back
  • Its total standing height is 1500mm (60")
  • The hopper capacity is 1.5 tonnes and its standard size at the top is 2060mm x 1500mm (81" x 60")
  • A filter grill on top of the hopper prevents any blockages occurring
  • Gravel flow can be stopped by a hydraulically controlled shutter.
  • The leading point has a rock-bucket tooth tip which is widely available and easy to change.(cat. 215)
  • Hopper extensions are available